22.23 – 02.26

It takes a week and 3 days and still counting to hold my hand not to contact you... It takes a million reason why I shouldn't , it only takes one reason why i should..   the big question pop up and urge some answer: WHY? HOW COULD YOU?     What a jerk!  


#455116959 / gettyimages.com "Ah, ini sebenarnya jadi jalan ga sih?. Udah jam segini belum jalan, pulang jam berapa nanti. Aduh, kerjain ini dulu deh. Deim kok gue laper sekarang. Pake jaket gak nih. Dimana sih tempatnya. Aduuh nyokap telfon. Kok gue kaya berasa punya anak ya. Hah? Kok ada orang Dima. Weleh. Ini tempat apa … Continue reading TGIF


Guilty feeling is always comes late. And it never go away. You always say 'what if' and really hoping you could turn back the time and make it right. It would get worse, when it comes to the one you loved and cared about. Yes. I have experience it and still try how to ease the … Continue reading guilty…


It's just suck seeing you like this, when he stirred you how to live It's just suck feeling like this, when it feel i must compete with your boyfriend It's just suck when i should be supportive while inside i don't agree It's just suck when suddenly i am the middle of you It's just … Continue reading Bitter

Make A Memory…

Titik-titik air pelan-pelan keluar dan seperti menunggu momentum yang tepat, ia mengalir menuruni perumukaan gelas yang halus. Tapi peristiwa fisika itu sayangnya tidak mendapat perhatian dari dua sosok yang sedang berhadapan. Mereka saling menatap dan berbicang dengan serunya seakan-akan tidak ingin melewatkan satu detik pun. "Helloo, senang melihatmu. Kamu terlihat sehat dan baik. Thank God. … Continue reading Make A Memory…

Just Because 3.30

One day my boss said about personal relationship and professional relationship. He said in work office, these 2 parts always come up together, so we must maintain good personal and professional relationship with co-workers. This talk came up in one of managers meeting after some issue about miscommunication happened and it seemed affected the quality … Continue reading Just Because 3.30


Last Friday, I had a surprised from a guy. Haha..nope. Not that lovey dovey kind of thing even I wish (one day) there is a cute guy give me that lovey dovey surprised. Anyway, he came because we summoned him to come. It's about disciple of working. He was our freelancer that we hired to … Continue reading OMG!..WTF!

Along came ‘Thee’

"J'ai message pour toi...."  *text alarm* "Honesty, after take you home, I really really like you. I don't know when or how, but I can't keep this feeling anymore. I must be honest to you. And that's it! I just said it. I hope you can take it nicely and not interpreted it wrongly. And … Continue reading Along came ‘Thee’

Woow! 2012….

Gosh! It's already 2012, and it's been soooo...soooo long since my last post. Kinda shame for myself. *Sigh* I dunno, why i feel so lazy to write. You know, when the hobby became some kind a deadline, it doesn't attractive anymore. Do you think so too? soo, what i plan for 2012? *Ask for raise … Continue reading Woow! 2012….