Just Because 3.30

One day my boss said about personal relationship and professional relationship. He said in work office, these 2 parts always come up together, so we must maintain good personal and professional relationship with co-workers.

This talk came up in one of managers meeting after some issue about miscommunication happened and it seemed affected the quality of work.

Particular in my office, that don’t have (yet) hundreds employees, so we’ll see and interact intensively with everybody everyday. That’s why personal & professional are need to make a great team work.

What’s definition of being professional? Do we need to get personal too?

In my perception personal relationship means you get into personality of the person. They ‘click’ you in a way so you’re enjoying their friendship or company and you must have these friends in your office.  And about being professional, this article explain well enough. It said there are 10 points, but what I love is that, in that article mention about practice good manners and proper etiquette and also mention about have high ethical and moral standards. 

There are my points. Being professional doesn’t mean you don’t need good manners or proper etiquette as long as your job are well executed and on deadline. But being professional also doesn’t mean what I care is you’ve done your jobs and I don’t care about you just got dumped and need some emotional support because it’s your bff’s job. No, it’s not like all that…

But it’s not easy to do both – personal and also professional. When we have good personal relationship with our coworker, they become friends (not just as coworkers) and maybe BFF or brothers in social life. The problem is when they do wrong (obviously wrong) and we must react based on objective rule. Can we be objective? Yes we can, but they’re friends rights. We love our friends and don’t want bad thing happen to them. Will or Won’t you be objective? or you’re just silent?

The other side also the same. (Because you’re my friend) make the work finish sooner, okay. (though you know your friend to do list is like Santa’s naughty boys’ list–too long to ask for favor). But the friendship sometime go overboard and forget the professional. The reason because you are my friend become ‘price’ to have special treatment. Do you have experience too?

I dunno why this is become hot topic lately, because I admitted to do what my boss asked is quite hard. Maintain a good personal & professional relationship turn out is not just being good at work and let’s lunch or hangout after office together. But how you can also put aside your personal feeling (or even your pride) while in office and be friendly in casual with your co-worker and also good communication in working for greater propose ( I mean propose is target billing. Oh i shouldn’t write that). Yeah…Just because it is 3.30 AM and I can’t sleep…