I don´t expect my love affairs to last for long Never fool myself that my dreams will come true Being used to trouble I anticipate it But all the same I hate it, wouldn´t you? So what happens now? Time and time again I´ve said that I don´t care That I´m immune to gloom, that I´m hard through and through But every time it matters all my words desert me So anyone can hurt me, and they do So what happens now? Call in three months time and I´ll be fine, I know Well maybe not that fine, but I´ll survive anyhow I won´t recall the names and places of each sad occasion But that´s no consolation here and now.[…]

You know, sometimes when you’re in blue, songs understand you better  especially if the problem is your romantic relationship. And I don’t know why broken heart songs seems so easy to create than happy songs. Really… why people suddenly become a poet when they are sad or in sorrow. Like sadness, loneliness, sorrow dig the creative nerve and voila! A poem is made. But, maybe it’s depends from the person. When I am sad, or angry, I don’t feel creative, I just want to kill people and crash him in to pieces. Anyway…. I see you through smoky air, trying hard to control my heart. Still I refrain from talking at you. But, you know me well, I don’t need[…]

*sigh*…. You know the urge to write something really can came from anywhere. For me, mostly came when I had a broken hearted *yeah, i know*, or something annoying or funny. And maybe and rarely came from PMS period. But this time, it just occurred when I was on my way back home in motorcycle. It’s began from I watched ‘Her’ movie, by Spike Jonez.  The first time that I really acknowledge  from the movie is wow! you can type with only dictate to your computer and other things that we usually do with gadgets  when mobile like chatting, choosing music, read news, reply email you can do it by voice command. Right, Wow! how lazy is that? Okay, okay.[…]