Papers Sent!

Yeay! Finally I sent all papers to join the ‘it’ event.  Oh, now my ‘homeworks’ is finding good moneychanger to change currency.  And collect a whole lot of money.. It’s time to save money..hahaha..*like I could*

Ach, it’s complicated, but yet I am very excited. Yeeehaaa…

But, i wonder, how come Mrs. Hasto can also join with cheaper budget? She said to me, she only pay 17million IDR  for 2 weeks Euro Trip. How come???? Euro Trip. It means not just Spain, but also Swiss, German, France..oh my Gosh, Fraaannceee! J’aime le France! Quand je peux aller en France?

I don’t think Mrs. Hasto is in the same route like me. Maybe the event organizer extend. But no fee for visa? That’s awkward.  I don’t know..

One step closer.. I pray I hope nothing was missed. Ughh.. Can’t wait to catch August next year.
But, I think next year, I will have many things to face on. And it’s time to evaluate my career choice.

Did I make the right choice?
Am I strong enough to left?
Can my dream come true?

*Make Cross Sign* I hope soo.. But now, one by one, step by step.. I hope Embassy of Spain granted my visa

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