I walk into your house slowly I know I must do it alone I pray my heart don’t weary I pray you wouldn’t hate me   I get down on my knee Sit down and calm my heart I know this time will be different than before I pray for my weary heart   I come to you who sit in front of me I tell you about my heart I tell you about my loneliness I tell you my weary heart   You’re keep silent you’re listening attentively and then… you open your eyes lift your head, and said…   I see you. I forgive you I will still love you Don’t hate yourself because you have heart  […]

I don´t expect my love affairs to last for long Never fool myself that my dreams will come true Being used to trouble I anticipate it But all the same I hate it, wouldn´t you? So what happens now? Time and time again I´ve said that I don´t care That I´m immune to gloom, that I´m hard through and through But every time it matters all my words desert me So anyone can hurt me, and they do So what happens now? Call in three months time and I´ll be fine, I know Well maybe not that fine, but I´ll survive anyhow I won´t recall the names and places of each sad occasion But that´s no consolation here and now.[…]

When there is A and B, it supposed to be AB When there is A and B, it supposed to be right together When A is no B, and B is no A, but AB is just right But there are no U and I   When there is A or B, it was not supposed to be AB When A is no B, and B is no A, but AB is just right When A is only A, or B is only B, AB is not right But there is U and there is I   When there is A and B, it can be AB When there is A only, or B only, it could be AB But[…]

“Why you keep silent?” One day you asked me It’s because you keep your distance. I can’t be romantic person, you said I don’t need romantic person. I need you.   Why you keep barrier to me? He said It’s because too much feeling for you Be honest with your own feeling I am afraid you’ll be breaking it in pieces   “Who am I to have your heart?” The kind like me won’t ever make your head turned to me Who am I to ask you to give a care Because I know what lie it would be   Who am I to have your heart I even don’t exist in your real life Who am I to ask[…]

Happy New Year 2017! It’s been years since I wrote on my own blog..hahahaha shame on me.  It’s been too long until i forgot how to begin with. Douh! So, I begin with greetings! ALOHA! (so, what’s next?) *…..blank mind….*  Saya akan mulai dengan bahasa Indonesia, karena tahun ini, adalah waktunya untuk sadar, bahwa saya (ternyata) belum bisa menulis bahasa inggris dengan baik. Hence, menulis bahasa Indonesia dengan baik pun belum juga. Okay, shame on me twice. (Tuh, kan.. entah kenapa jargon dalam bahasa inggris jauh lebih mudah dan lebih awam di banding dengan jargon bahasa indonesia). Awal tahun 2017 saya memutuskan untuk be more serious. Iya, serius.. bener deh. Serius ini! Baiklah, saya urutkan satu-satu. Lihat domain di atas.[…]

Bergetar jantung ini ketika kupandang satu per satu Kembali kupanggil semua memori Setiap cerita, setiap jawaban, setiap karena dari pertanyaan Sayangnya, semua berujung pada tanya tanya Kupeluk semua kenangan manis yang kualami Seakan-akan takut bahwa kenangan itu akan terkikis dan hilang Kupeluk semua senyum tawa yang tercipta Seakan-akan senyum dan tawa itu akan hilang dalam memori Bergetar jantung ini ketika kupandangi satu per satu Ada senyum bahagia milikmu Ada belai kasih miliknya Ada kebohongan di sana. Kini malam tlah datang Sebuah kesadaran pun tiba Perpisahan yang menunggu membentang Menebarkan luka di dada Saat rindu ini menyiksa sangat Suara hati datang mengingat Pejamkan mata dan tarik sebuah nafas panjang Ini akan berakhir sebentar lagi Bergetar jantung ini ketika kupandang satu per[…]

#450742639 / gettyimages.com Sebuah helaan nafas malam ini kuambil beberapa kali Sebuah helaan nafas mengartikan kesal Sebuah helaan nafas mengartikan heran Sebuah helaan nafas mengartikan pengertian Sebuah tarikan panjang nafas membawa energi Sebuah helaan panjang nafas mengeluarkan emosi Sebuah tarikan panjang nafas menyertakan luka Sebuah helaan panjang nafas membuang pengharapan Sebuah tarikan ke dalam membawa rasa kekuatiran Sebuah helaan ke luar menyertakan keputusasan Sebuah tarikan ke dalam membawa kesedihan di mata Sebuah helaan ke luar memasangkan topeng ceria Sebuah helaan nafas malam ini kuambil beberapa kali dan kusadari ada lara hati disana dan kusadari kasih tak sampai menyelinap disana dan kusadari tetes tetes dari sudut jendela hati dan kusadar,…. sebuah helaan nafas panjang kembali kuambil malam ini  

Guilty feeling is always comes late. And it never go away. You always say ‘what if’ and really hoping you could turn back the time and make it right. It would get worse, when it comes to the one you loved and cared about. Yes. I have experience it and still try how to ease the guilty feeling inside. I hurt my best friend. Sadly, it’s something that i didn’t intend to hurt her. I guess I don’t have to tell you the emotion reaction that had happened. But, what I can tell you is, she’s hurt so much by me. I never saw the sad and disappointed  face from her to me before until that day. And I? I also[…]

It’s just suck seeing you like this, when he stirred you how to live It’s just suck feeling like this, when it feel i must compete with your boyfriend It’s just suck when i should be supportive while inside i don’t agree It’s just suck when suddenly i am the middle of you It’s just suck when i see myself turned become a bitter woman It’s just suck when i see my life stuck while yours is running It’s just suck when i feel pathetic  with my self and my life It’s just suck when you are okay with all those characters of him It’s just suck when i only can write this poem…. but This is your life, this[…]