I walk into your house slowly I know I must do it alone I pray my heart don’t weary I pray you wouldn’t hate me   I get down on my knee Sit down and calm my heart I know this time will be different than before I pray for my weary heart   I come to you who sit in front of me I tell you about my heart I tell you about my loneliness I tell you my weary heart   You’re keep silent you’re listening attentively and then… you open your eyes lift your head, and said…   I see you. I forgive you I will still love you Don’t hate yourself because you have heart  […]

Guilty feeling is always comes late. And it never go away. You always say ‘what if’ and really hoping you could turn back the time and make it right. It would get worse, when it comes to the one you loved and cared about. Yes. I have experience it and still try how to ease the guilty feeling inside. I hurt my best friend. Sadly, it’s something that i didn’t intend to hurt her. I guess I don’t have to tell you the emotion reaction that had happened. But, what I can tell you is, she’s hurt so much by me. I never saw the sad and disappointed  face from her to me before until that day. And I? I also[…]