Close but Still Faraway

My mind is definitely in some tangled threads — This hour, 23:56 PM, I am still not sleepy and there are works waiting to finish, I can’t seem to focus on it.

Sometimes I don’t understand how we can end up together
It seems like a cosmic anomaly in the universe
And when I get to know you, you are like Jupiter to me. And I am just like sputnik that sends from earth on a one-way mission to explore it. Not expected to come back and bring the results — a pessimist can say that.

I thought I have reach China and went to the Great Wall — turns out I just met the great wall of your heart that keeps me outside. I know you’re inside and hear I am screaming and shouting at you to open the gate and let me in. But you just don’t bulge.

But, hey look! There’s a window, and I can see you from outside. But you don’t stand in front of the window for so long. I can’t talk freely with you, because you come and go. From the other side, your words from the keyhole echo in my ears and make me want just to sit there in front of your great wall — waiting for you to come out.

Let’s talk! I scream at you. And then you decided to show up and open the small window. Small enough for us to meet face to face but keep the boundaries intact. And we share stories like we never knew before.

“What is in your mind?” — I often ask you. Sometimes you answered, and sometimes you just smiles. Especially when you look through me like you weighing something.
I felt some doubt there, I felt some loneliness there, your eyes tell me stories that your mouth can’t tell. And then you crawl back into your shell.

I have once said, we’re like an old couple that has been together long — and surprisingly you think the same. What’s that mean dear?
But again you never explain what you feel and what’s going on in your mind.

Both of us are broken before
Only have one wing instead wings
It ain’t easy to see the end of the road
But let’s take one step at a time