Declutter My Life

Welcome 2021

The year 2020 was not a good year for me and generally for everyone. The year 2020 was a struggling year as in a global struggle year. The pandemic change everyone lifestyle and of course shift everyone priority including me.

I worked from home almost 11 months in 2020. And that’s really change my life. Without friends at works that sometime came by and chat, and work is really focus on works and discussing with laptop and me, really changed me as a person.

The other benefit, I become more listened to myself. Talk again to my self. What I want in life. I realized it’s been so long I was just enjoying the ride and not really listened to myself.

And now I feel there is a void in me. I don’t feel passionate to do anything. So, I try to feel it with doing something new, like starting learning doodling, scrapbook, or book colouring. It worked… For a while. Then I tried something else. Buying equipment to complete my new interest, and I got distracted again. And so on, and so on.

Then on 31 December 2020, I watch The Minimalists: Less is Now on Netflix. I realized, I collected things, stuffs that actually don’t add value to my life. I thought if I have some stuff, I can level up my life. More happy or whatsoever. Jason and Ryan — The Minimalist explained their experiences and really slap me. That’s me! Well, I am not hoarder, but I spend my money to buy unnecessary things that I just thought ‘cute’ and finally only wear once and forgotten.

I don’t need more Starbucks Tumblr to drink coffee, or I don’t need more pouch or office supplies, because I am basically doing everything digitally. And I don’t need more clothes since I am working at home every day and very rare to meet the clients. Or need more dress to date because sadly I admit, I don’t date anyway.

So, when I read the Minimalist Blog, I know what the problems why I can’t focus to what’s important in my life.

So, my resolution for this year in I want to refocus my priorities in life with the first step is de-cluttered my life. I want to have more room for stuff that adds values in my life.

So, I want to literally de-clutter my life with unnecessary things. The Minimalists have 30 Day Minimalism Game that can be followed for a newbie like me.

Curious? Stay update my posts about my challenge!