Declutter My Life

Welcome 2021

The year 2020 proved to be challenging for me and for people worldwide due to the global struggle caused by the pandemic. Working from home for almost 11 months significantly altered my lifestyle. Without the daily interactions with friends at work, my focus shifted to discussions with my laptop, transforming me as a person.

One positive aspect was that I became more attuned to myself, engaging in self-reflection and pondering what I truly wanted in life. I realized I had been merely going along with the flow without truly listening to my own desires.

Despite this newfound awareness, a void lingered within me, and I struggled to find passion in anything. To address this, I experimented with new activities like doodling, scrapbooking, and book coloring, finding temporary solace. However, each attempt eventually led to distraction, and the void persisted.

On December 31, 2020, I watched “The Minimalists: Less is Now” on Netflix. The documentary shed light on my habit of accumulating things that added little value to my life. The Minimalists, Jason and Ryan, shared their experiences, and I felt a connection with their message. While I may not be a hoarder, I realized I often spent money on unnecessary items, lured by their fleeting charm.

The Minimalist Blog ( provided further insight into my struggles with focus and priorities. Acknowledging this, my resolution for the year is to refocus my priorities by decluttering my life. I aim to create space for items that genuinely add value.

Inspired by The Minimalists, I plan to undertake the 30 Day Minimalism Game as a beginner. Interested in my journey? Stay tuned for updates on my challenge!