Cooling Down The Atmosphere

There is no perfect time to deal with heart matter
Just like there is no perfect time when life give you a challenge
There is no ‘supposed to be like this’ or ‘it should be like that’
We are not God. We are not a ruler. Or in this case. I am no God or a ruler.

I can’t control what happen in other’s mind or heart.
Just like I can’t control people’s mind about me.
What I can control is my behaviour, my dignity, my attitude, my honour, my heart.
What I can control is trying my best not to make others hurt or disappointed.
What I believe is Trying my best to make my own self happy and hoping everyone happy, though we can’t make everyone happy.

Too many theory can make us forget that life is not theory. Life is practical. Life is not measured by manual book. There is no manual book ” Live your life for Dummies” (or is there? ).
It is just trial and error. If you fall, is not how far you fall, but how you can climb up again?