Last Friday, I had a surprised from a guy. Haha..nope. Not that lovey dovey kind of thing even I wish (one day) there is a cute guy give me that lovey dovey surprised. Anyway, he came because we summoned him to come. It’s about disciple of working.

He was our freelancer that we hired to help us and do what we asked. But it seemed it didn’t processed well in his brain. (I am referring to the brain because I think there’s something wrong about the receptor nerve in his brain. Yes, I was that angry to him).

That afternoon he showed up his ass face to us. I was with my co-worker, Ira. She is the person in charge for the project I worked with, and together with this person. (It’s a bit tiring call him ‘this person’ because I must type 2 words for that *sigh*. Let’s call him ‘OMG!’). We were in a middle of conversation when suddenly ‘OMG’ came in and put the cloud and deep disappointment in his face and He said to us:

“Sebelumnya saya minta maaf tapi saya resign! Okay, sorry saya tidak bisa bekerja seperti ini. bla..bla..bla… Saya merasa bekerja sendiri. Saya tidak merasa ada teamwork. Saya sudah cukup bla..bla..bla…Saya sudah dapat kantor baru bla..bla..bla… Terus terang saya digaji 8,5 disana bla..bla…bla….”  (the ‘bla bla’ thing is the blank space that couldn’t absorbed by my memory. Yes, I know, remembering is one of my issue lately.– and why I am typing about this.)

Ira and me just like ‘WTF?!’ Even I haven’t said ‘Please sit down’. What was that behavior? He was like ready to explode with emotion and get away with it. But of course, I am not that person that will let him did what he was planned and won.

I know that tricked young boy. You knew that you’ll get scolded because your attitude so you gave us first moved, first attack, so we surprised and forget about it. Bah! It won’t be you who’ll say the last word.

Just to be short, we finally can made him admitted that he was wrong and we won’t use his service even he was willingly doing por favor. (Bah! Not even in your life. At least not from me).

That battle off course won with score: OMG 1 – US 2 hehehe.. (since indeed there’s two of us faced him).

What I am saying here is..Oh My Gawd! What an attitude!! How come he has a new job that pay him 8,5 (as he said..and i am quoting here) with that qualification? Does he never learn manner? Does he know a word ‘S-O-P-A-N S-A-N-T-U-N? (I guess not -____-).

Thank God, I still have one (I mean manner) to give him a ‘nice’ conversation (what i mean ‘nice’ here is I suppress the urge to not give him a kick in the head). And goodwill to pay him for days he has worked with us (though I prefer not to).

But just like people said, “Life is like a box of chocolate. You’ll never know what taste you’ll eat”. (Wait..!Naayy, It’s not the right quote and it’s not people said, but it’s Tom Hanks. But he’s a man. Man is people. And why I must explain this to myself?!).

Okay, summarize for this… I have no f**k interest thing that happen in my life so I wrote this little itchy thing in my blog. (hiks..I wanna go vacation T___T)