Woow! 2012….

Gosh! It’s already 2012, and it’s been soooo…soooo long since my last post. Kinda shame for myself. *Sigh* I dunno, why i feel so lazy to write. You know, when the hobby became some kind a deadline, it doesn’t attractive anymore. Do you think so too?

soo, what i plan for 2012?

*Ask for raise (which i did – but i dunno why my bosses take so long to approved it) Actually, i have many thoughts that i want to speak up to them, but i can’t. But bottom line, i feel i don’t judge unfairly.

*Another trip. (Yeaayy…!!)
An ambitious trip 5 days 4 night for 2 countries. Ho Chi Minh City and Siam Reap. Really want to see Ankor Wat, but are we have enough time? Still confused.. need a lot of reference.

*Local Staff
Okay this is can’t wait any longer. I must submit an application as soon as possible. I must submit asap..yes asap. Before i get aging.

Hmm..that’s my plan for now..or at least in 3 months.
catch back ya later.. who knows, there are some improvement in my life..