University of Thinkers

Stef… Happy Birthdayy…!” that’s all my friends said when day on that month is on October 27th. Another year has past, and yet another year must face. Yes,  I thanked God with all that I have now.  Not that I was not grateful for all this years.

Actually it gave me a moment of reflection. Well, I did it everyday to rewind the day and remember what I have been done for today. But,  I don’t know, this time feel different. Maybe because my age. Ha..ha.. Yeah, facing the world of 3.0 would be ‘make sense’ reason.

In many ways, life has taught me to be strong. And yes, I have become a strong person. But the same time, life made me always challenge myself. The result, I always never satisfied what I have achieved. And that often made me have no self confidence and no trust in my self. Complicated huh..

Complicated or not, God already have His plan to my me and my life. If I was thought I am strong, then the last of  2,5 –  3 years really made me re-think again about it. Yes, that happened when I entered to a building E1A.

It looks like a just any building in this office complex. But from the moment I stepped in to this office,  I sensed  it will give me a new perspective about my self and my life.

Turn out, it certainly did. You know, when you have been working in to many places, you see yourself with half full glass. You had experience, you are getting more accustomed to adapt with new place, new people. You know how to interact with new co worker. But, sometimes, in my experience, we need to see our self in half empty glass. In my point of view, this perspective made a person always curious. When we feel we don’t know anything, we eager to learn or searching to know. Well, okay.. the same time it made you feel dumb too, but feeling dumb is important sometimes.. I think.

And, that is exactly what I felt when I become the permanent member of E1A. The strong quality that I was proud of, bam! That feel nothing when you feel dumb. The glass is not more half full, but it is half empty. I feel lack of knowledge. I feel lack of creativity. I feel dumb. Not just once, but couple times.

When you said you seek a challenge in life, be careful because  life will give it you. And when you face that challenge you don’t have any other option than to face it and conquer the challenge.

Yes, Stumbled and fell of was happened, but give up is not the answer.

Being a member of E1A made me to reach beyond my limit and made me experience all that. Especially working with 2 persons who I think in my humble opinion , is superman or wonder woman. They are duo that made us to dig deeper, to think deeper than usually we did, push us to the limit that sky is the boundaries.  I must give my bows to these amazing persons that I almost believed they really have super power.

For 2,5 – 3 years now I have been stumble, fell off, and yet, I rise up, learnt, and continue. Every time that happened, my glass was filled. And gradually the glass is not half empty anymore, but it is half full.  Now, slowly I regain my strength back. And certainly made me reach new level of my life.

And that because the experienced I had in this building E1A.

In the past, when I read my friend’s card, (it is said, Think.web) I asked to myself, why named ‘Think Web’? Is it because this office related to web? Or it sounds so catchy? And now, I realized I understand what it meant. Not it (coincidence) related to web but it also define the persons inside.

We are not just couple of persons who do the job and get paid, but we are all too students. We are here not just working, but also learning. Sometime there are tests, challenge. And we have moments of success and failed. But for sure, we are growing to be better in the place, now I said, university of thinkers.  [stf]