Dream Hope Come True

I never want something like I want this.  Even though I already had this dream a long-long time ago, but I keep say it to myself…, it’s just imagination. It’s just a dream that should be only dream.  So, I start to forget my dream and come back to reality.

And then I live day by day, month by month, year by year … facing the reality life had take me.  Once in a while the dream came to me. Took me out from reality, and I was happy.  But it is never more than that.

When I lonely, feel stuck with my life, I open my Pandora box, and I dream that I live in my dream life. And that moment I feel light, happy, even just for a while.

Then, my friend suddenly flew away and reaching her dreams…, and I just amazed. How she dare to throw away everything she has achieved to pursue her dream. I know it didn’t easy, but somehow, she can manage to do that and survive.

And lately… open the Pandora box doesn’t satisfy me again. I am starting feel empty but at the same time I feel the urged to make it come true.

Finally I figured out that I must brave to make a decision. To make my dream just a dream or make it dream come true.  Yes! Finally I start to make steps I have reach to my dream come true.

Step by step…yes, it’s a long steps but I must keep trying, I just must make my dream come true or die trying.

You know what my dreams?

Maybe it looks don’t matter, but I always picture myself to sit at a bench or on the ground  and stare at this view.

Looking at those I will feel so much contentment in my soul. And I’ll be satisfied and that is when I can say ‘That moment is my now’.

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Watching those place and dreaming to live or spend my life in those places is my dream. I make this post so i keep remember my dream and when i lose hope, i can back strong again.

I know it doesn’t easy. I have never had the easy way to get what i want, but it is my life, not others, and i must live with it. I just hope GOD give me a strong will to make it happen,


xxoo 😉

2 responses to “Dream Hope Come True”

  1. Fannnn….Lets rock with our dream.!!!
    Just believe it , Fan…and trust your self that you can reach it..!!