Surviving in the world of women…

woman wants to be center of attention
After experienced many things, I dare to say that it is hard to survive in the world of women.
What are you saying? – Some of you must be wondered. But I have my own story.
As long I can remember, when I read girls magazine, or women magazine, all the articles always told the same old philosophies. Like “just be yourself” or “Inner beauty is the truth beauty”, or “confidence will make your way” and many others advice that now more like sound a cliché in my ears.
Nevertheless, still outer beauty or looks is the very first people will acknowledge who we are. Well, I can say that people with good looking face more likely to have a job that people who just average. Or, women that have good looking face also more likely have asked to their phone number than they who just average. Or women with appearance like white, long hair, tall and slimming body more likely caused adoring eyes from men.
Yes, no wonder women very concern about their looks. The public demand them to always look good. Just look at all the media from advertising, magazine, television or even the simple thing social media, people or in this case women always have the ‘urge’ to look good. Why? Well, I realized me and my friends never want to put our ugly picture as profile image. Am I right?
Well, I believe beauty is in the eyes of beholder. Yes, that’s true. Beauty is very subjective yet ironically we can define what is ugly. Just like people humor about this “Cantik itu rata-rata tapi jelek itu mutlak”.  As for me, I do have feeling that I don’t want to be average woman especially don’t want to be called ugly.
So, I do whatever to look good. And yeah… I have dealing with the ‘looks’ problem since forever… *sigh* story of my life. And I have spent millions rupiah to have softer and healthy skin. I become the victim of advertising. Do this and that to fulfill the standard what is beautiful. No doubt to feel the pain to look more beautiful. Yep! Beauty is pain. Injection to stop the anti aging, peeling that burn your face, high killer heels to look more sexy or slimming, hair extension to have instant long hair, coloring hair. Or waxing to remove all unwanted hair. Pain yet we are want it.
It is really ‘To be or not to be’ as Shakespeare said in Hamlet. That’s all that matter. But it isn’t just to look beautiful in the public or opposite sex, but also want to be looks more beautiful in front of other women. *exhale* women are very competitive species. I become so aware of this because I am too  envy. She is sexier, she has bigger breasts, and many others that make me focus about outer look instead to what is in me.
I realize that and I try to eliminate that. But it is hard because we can’t just go to hell with appearance but how to make our self not to consume with outer beauty and start to explore the inner beauty.  Until now, I am still working to do that. And … yeah… tough competition and the fact that scale women than men is 4: 1, makes ‘this competition’ harder.
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