Awkward Moment with My Mom

You know… I guess they are right. When a child reached the age 18, they should go out from the house and live independently. But, that is only happened in western.  Here, where I come along, we moved out when we are married.

But… I completely agree with western point of view. Beside to learn live independent, there will be no arguing and embarrassing moments like me and my parents especially my mom.

We often argue about how my mom often and always still treated me like I am underage. And that’s annoys me.

Just like when we are in family room and watched a movie, western movie, there is a romance scene, where the actress and actor was kissing, and you know what, my mom told me to close my eyes. Geeezzz….

Another example, like when I watch the DVD in my room with my door closed, suddenly, my mom barked in and entered to my room in the middle love scene in the movie. And she asked whether I watched porn movie. C’mon…  It just a make out scene. On second thought, what I watched is not her business. I completely have no privacy in my own room.  I don’t mind if she wants to see me, but please, knock first, show some respect to my own privacy.

It is very hard to give a logical explanation to my parents that very conservative. Arrgghh… really really put me on nerve.

That’s not the only thing, once, when I went to supermarket with her, I buy a beer, just a bottle, I mean a treat for myself, and she said I am an alcoholic like every day I buy 10 bottles a day. FML.

I don’t know how to make them understand.  Does she know that now already year 2010 and I completely a grown up, mature and able to take a risk my own choice.

Does she know about human rights or freedom to make a choice? Gosh…   I wish my mom can be an open minded person, and be flexible.  I’ll know, she would answer like this   every time I spoke about my mind. “As long you live in my house, you follow my rules”. That’s her. My dad doesn’t help much. My mom is the boss.

You know, the argument come to a result, this year must be the last year I am in the house. Next year I am planning to find my own flat or rented room.