My Resolution in 2010

Have you ever found out that you think your life now is the life you always dream of and you say, it’s enough…  now,  I can think about settling down. But in a simple way, Bam!! You are wake up, and realized this is the life you never dream of and your dreams that forgotten back to you and now everything seems all wrong…

And that’s what I felt right now…  After I had reunion with my friends, they are all talked about taking the master degree or scholarship study overseas. Well, I don’t too interest to go back in university but the urge of my dream is comeback to me.

My memories go back to about 1,5 years ago, in a restaurant in front of some new partners in my new work office. I remember when I introduced myself, I said with loud and clear about my dream.

“Cita-cita saya adalah keliling dunia, tapi karena belum kesampean sampe sekarang… jadi saya mencurahkannya dengan berjam-jam melalang buana di dunia internet dimana saya juga bisa pergi kemanapun saya ingin sampai akhirnya saya jatuh cinta dengan dunia ini..”

And after 1,5 years later, it turns out not smooth as I was hoping for but i can keep up. Yes, I have many mistakes but also many lessons. No regrets but I don’t also feel I found my place.

Now, when my dream came back to me, I feel I should follow my passion right! I must wake up and put some action in to it. I don’t want to just let it flow… I must make my choice. I think this is it. Maybe in years ago I have a lot of consideration.  But I think now  next year I must  start my step at to full fill my dreams.

When my boss says :” Go catch the snow…”  I feel like it is a sign from me. Yes, I want to see the world in any way, and that’s what I am gonna do. Heck if everybody found their love and prefer to be married. I do also, but not now, not if my mind still wandering about the world out there.

“I want to see snow..”

“I want celebrate Christmas in Christmas ambience just like in movie”

“I want to feel the trees turns to yellow…”

“I want to see green grass in a city and flowers blossoms..”

I want to experience everything… and by GOD help me to fulfill my dream.


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