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  • Woow! 2012….

    Gosh! It’s already 2012, and it’s been soooo…soooo long since my last post. Kinda shame for myself. *Sigh* I dunno, why i feel so lazy to write. You know, when the hobby became some kind a deadline, it doesn’t attractive anymore. Do you think so too? soo, what i plan for 2012? *Ask for raise […]

  • University of Thinkers

    Stef… Happy Birthdayy…!” that’s all my friends said when day on that month is on October 27th. Another year has past, and yet another year must face. Yes,  I thanked God with all that I have now.  Not that I was not grateful for all this years. Actually it gave me a moment of reflection. […]

  • My Life Would Suck Without You

    ketika aku tahu temanku punya tiket gratis nonton Kelly Clarkson untukku, aku teriaak sekeras-keras dan terlonjak dari tempat dudukku..aku merasa 2 minggu yang penuh kecewa terobati..