After experienced many things, I dare to say that it is hard to survive in the world of women. What are you saying? – Some of you must be wondered. But I have my own story. As long I can remember, when I read girls magazine, or women magazine, all the articles always told the same old philosophies. Like “just be yourself” or “Inner beauty is the truth beauty”, or “confidence will make your way” and many others advice that now more like sound a cliché in my ears. Nevertheless, still outer beauty or looks is the very first people will acknowledge who we are. Well, I can say that people with good looking face more likely to have a[…]

Argh …. I really don’t need these, any of these. Why me?? Why now?? This New Year is supposed to be supported with new face, NOT new acnes. I hate my skin. Already spend million for this face but it seems my face can’t go smooth. Ouww… what I should do. Now I will meet some of friends in this New Year, *sigh* and I can’t face them with new look. Another resolution that I must add this year… it is a priority. But it will put a lot of efforts and money, and patient and headache. I don’t know whether I must go to the same doctor or move to another doctor. Another dilemma ughh… Crap! This is really[…]

Ada sebuah perbicangan seru semalam antara aku dan sepupuku, Fina. Awalnya kami hanya membahas film Ayat-ayat Cinta. Menurut sepupupku itu, film itu sangat romantis dan membuat dia terenyuh hingga menangis. Menurutku film itu hanya semakin menjelaskan betapa cowok adalah mahluk visual. “Coba kamu bayangin, kalau Aisha itu memiliki wajah seperti Omas, apakah Fahri tetap akan menikahinya?” tanyaku. “Well, gak tahu yaa….tapi’kan Fahri sudah tahu kalau Aisha itu baik, mereka bertemu di kereta dan menolong wartawan asing,” jawab my cousin. “Okelah… anggap saja, mereka secara tidak langsung sudah mengetahui kalau perempuan ini baik, tapi again, if Aisha memiliki wajah seperti Omas, aku yakin, Fahri tidak akan langsung menerimanya begitu saja, at least he will think about it first,..” ujarku yakin 100%.[…]