Just call me Stefani…

When i want to write this part, i remembered when I was asked from HR person, “Tell me about yourself” in a job interviewed. I remember my questions from 1st job interview until my last job interview.  All have different answers. Haha.

And now, in my 30 something age, when i must tell me about my self, what i can tell is I am on a quest. A quest to find happiness, a quest to find success, a quest to find a better me.

In process to that point, I will learn so much and show many sides of me that is not always a nice woman, but i assure you i am not an evil kind of woman, ….well maybe there is a mean girl inside..a little bit.

I hope you understand and don’t take it personal to any of posts from this blog. (Except i wrote your name on it hehe.. *devil-ish smile* )

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