If you really really must need to know me …

As I wrote this passage, it brought back memories of the times when HR professionals would ask me, “Tell me about yourself” during job interviews. I recollect the various responses I provided in my very first job interview up to my most recent one. Each time, my answers were different, and I must say, quite entertaining! ?

Now, in my older age, when I’m confronted with the task of describing myself, I find that my response has evolved. I’m now on a quest—a journey to discover happiness, achieve success, gain wisdom, and ultimately become a better version of myself.

Throughout this journey, I’ve realized that I’ve already learned a great deal, and I’m committed to continuing my growth. I’ll undoubtedly reveal many facets of myself that aren’t always perfect or saintly, but I can assure you that I’m not a malicious person—although, I must admit, there might be a mischievous side to me! ?

I hope you can relate and not take any of the content on this blog personally. (Unless, of course, I’ve mentioned your name with a devilish smile!) ?

If you regret clicking on this page, well, we all have those moments, right? Hehe… just keep scrolling, folks! ?

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