Things that add Value in your life?

I have never… never ever thought living less give more value. We are not poor, I mean my family, but we are not rich people too. I think we are what you called middle class in common. We are enough.

I was blessed to have a happy childhood. That time, little I know about branded things or high technology. I was happy whatever my parents gave me. Such as board game as cheap as Halma ( not UNO ) and Monopoly nasional or even ‘taplak’ game or ‘main karet’ were enough to make me happy.

There were times I want more expensive stuffs like rollerblades, bicycle and even ‘tamagochi pet’. That time I cried and beg to my parents to buy rollerblades for me, or tamagochi pet. But no matter how long or how hard I begged or cried, my parents didn’t bunch. My parents knew that all those things didn’t add value in my life. The Bicycle was the only one finally I got, though it was an old bicycle from my neighbour’s kid that broken. But my Dad repaired it, and it was mine. It just lifted my happiness like 100% because I can join with big kids (my brother and his friends) strolling the neighbourhood.

And because when I was a child I couldn’t ask anything — even my elementary uniform was pre loved from my brother. When I am in my adult year, when I can make my own money, when the decision is on me, that gave me the sensation that I could do anything and buying anything if I can afford that.

So, If I have this shoes, or I have this dress, these jeans, that makes me happy — I bought it. Or I said to myself, I already worked hard, I deserved these shoes. Thought I already have 2 pairs same shoes or dress or jeans.

Sometimes, I said to myself, this shirt cute with these jeans, or this shoes pair with those pants, and that will make me awesome. That’s my defence before I pull out my card to the cashier.

My Dad that always remind me to save my money. My friend told me to buy something that can be an investment in the future. Well, I realized they were right. So, I bought a house. And now I have a mortgage that follows me 15 years. But it is worth the value.

30 DAYS #MinsGame

So, I’ve been listening to the Minimalist’ Podcast – Joshua Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus. So, after listening to the podcast more and more, I just realized, over the years of my adult life, I become so focus with stuff to make me happy or unconsciously substitute my need for true happiness with stuffs.

There is nothing wrong with buying stuffs/things, but maybe it gets undervalued when you start to buy things just because you can or just to fill your ego or when you don’t really need it.

So, I did my checking list. And turned out, I have a lot (sadly) stuffs that I don’t really need or even use after I bought them. I just want to have them. It’s not really healthy actually. Ugh.

This 30 Days #MinsGame is from the Minimalist. The game is too declutter your home/ your room, your life to eliminate stuffs that you don’t use. Could be anything. I mean ANYTHING. Kitchenware, clothing, collectables, decorations, socks, etc.

So, here I am.. trying to declutter. Crossed fingers.