Don’t Worry Baby

Don’t worry baby, when you’re feeling blue,
I’ll tell jokes for you
when you’re eyes feeling rainy,
I’ll hold the umbrella for you
when the road seem hard to walk through
I’ll carry you on my back
When the world seems want to take you down
I’ll go down first and catch you

His voice still echoing in my heart
when I came back from school with bleeding knees
He will sat me on his lap and told funny stories
So I forget about my hurt

Through sleepless night, I say prayer for you
Wishing you still watching over me from above
Wishing you will proud of me
Wishing me strong and always have faith

Don’t worry Pak, when I’m feeling blue
I’ll write a poem to you
when my eyes feeling rainy
I’ll say little pray with you
When the road seem hard to walk through
I’ll close my eyes and just walk with hopes I don’t fall

And if I fell, I will get up and continue

Don’t worry Pak, Happy Father’s Day