Confuse titik

Like the title from this post. I am confuse. Like a child who must choose between ice cream strawberry flavor or chocolate flavor. Like a girl who in first day to school, must choose between wearing pink dress  or blur dress. Like a birthday boy who must choose between bicycle or video game. Like teenage girl who must choose between go to prom night with school heartthrob or company best friend in hospital. Like a fresh graduate who must choose between work in thing she like or work in she is high paid.

People said follow your heart, but others said don’t lose your head. But what if that choice also blur for me? What if, I also don’t know what my heart wants or neither my head wants. I want use more heart, but head interfere when things don’t look like heart expected. Want to use more head, but i don’t have heart to be ignorance.

I feel floating in open sea, and there’s nothing I can use as my anchor. Just floating, waiting someone rescue me from this uncertainty. Waiting someone that can give me an anchor. Or… waiting some direction that i can swim to.

Ironically, as in right now, the radio is playing ‘Listen your heart’ by Roxette.