Along came ‘Thee’

“J’ai message pour toi….”  *text alarm*

“Honesty, after take you home, I really really like you. I don’t know when or how, but I can’t keep this feeling anymore. I must be honest to you. And that’s it! I just said it. I hope you can take it nicely and not interpreted it wrongly. And I hope i can still see you..”

Shocked and confused, I read over and over again. Not forget to pinch my cheek, to check that this is not just my imagination. I am not dreaming, and yet still believe this message like sureal. How come it won’t otherwise. He is a football star in school, and here I am, just a geek that even not considered exist in this high school universe.

It is just a coincident that we meet in a comic con and I found out he like comic and all the stuff. And I don’t know how, we talked long time that day. I found out that he turn out like Star Wars and all super heroes. Hahaha.. who’s geek now? 🙂 Since then we like to hang out together secretly. In school, he acted like stranger to me, though from the way he looked at me, there’s a warm light that says lots of things.  And now, came this text message, and give me a heart attacked.

“What should I do?” I asked to my best friend, Sasha. As usual, Sasha gave me this wishy-woshy talk. Well, mostly I don’t understand what she’s talking about. “Well, do you like him or not?” suddenly she asked to me. I just starring at her – blank.  What’s my feeling for him? I never dare thinking that our time together is a sign that he like me nor more that friends nor I will put my self at risk to like him cause well, history is not written like that.  He, as the aplha male in this High school universe is in the top place in food chain, while moi, is at the bottom food chain. He is like eagle and i am the rabbit.

But Sasha, she is an anomaly. She is like model but dunno why, she’s hang out with me. And she is a best friend I have, more than other geeks I am friend with. When she asked me that, I really dunno.  But it will so easy to fall in for him. Douuhh… then again what should I do?  “Follow your heart and be your self” she said. Ha! So easy she said. But I listened what she said.

So here we are, walking to school, hand in hand with thousand eyes starring at us. I try to back away, but he won’t let go my hand. “It’s okay, I am here” he said.   I follow  him walking in school yard with sweat and heart pounding hard.

Suddenly , a soft breeze wind blows and autumn is coming. My favorite season is here. I look at him, and he turns to me and smiling warm. And that moment I know, we are gonna be alright.