Voila! New name and new look

well..well..well..i finally have my own domain blog aaannddd new look! voila..!!

The domain is not my number one name in my head when i must create a domain name.. but from the names that i propose, turn out only available for 2 names. Jendelamimpi.com or bloggithudeh.com. What should i choose? you can see in my domain name now.

Maybe its not my first pick, but i do have reason to create the name. I want to use this blog as my start to dreams. Dreams that i wiisshhh come true. Know that reaching dream is not easy, but i hope this blog can help me to get through it. It will become my witness ups and downs.

About new look, as you can see, it is new look, but it’s not finale. I want to personalize the blog with something about me. I’m thinking to put my pics in it, but i still need to found out how.

But i hope this domain makes me wants to wrote more often..who knows i became selebrity blogger..who knows. hihihi..

happy reading! and happy blogging to me!