I have never… never ever thought living less give more value. We are not poor, I mean my family, but we are not rich people too. I think we are what you called middle class in common. We are enough. I was blessed to have a happy childhood. That time, little I know about branded things or high technology. I was happy whatever my parents gave me. Such as board game as cheap as Halma ( not UNO ) and Monopoly nasional or even ‘taplak’ game or ‘main karet’ were enough to make me happy. There were times I want more expensive stuffs like rollerblades, bicycle and even ‘tamagochi pet’. That time I cried and beg to my parents to[…]

I feel secured and fell in love with the country. Last year, 2019 finally I went to Japan. I would say it was unplanned travel. Started with my cousin that randomly check air flight ticket in the travel website. Then.. BAM! Suddenly she sent a picture of cheap air-flight ticket from a well-known airline. “7 millions rupiahs for returned tickets Jakarta – Japan – Jakarta” — What’s in my mind back then was.. “Let’s go!” It was like October or November (hmm.. ), and after back and fourth in date, we agreed to enjoying our New Year’s in Japan. Our basic reason for travelled in high season was we want have different new year eve experience. Us — budget wise[…]

Commitment is hard. I have been falling from the commitment I made to write one blog per month. This only a blog. And people said it starts from small stuff. Hmpphhhfff.. Anyway, before you read further, this post maybe it feels kinda dark and depressed. Though I am assured you, I am not planning to be suicidal. So, you can read this without worry. The thing that makes me wrote is my emotion. When I wrote, it means I try to analyze my own feeling, my emotion. Sometimes, writing can give me a clue about why I feel the way I feel. And when I read again, I can point out – there my answer! Though sometimes, it doesn’t give[…]

Tidak pernah terbersit untuk melakukan perjalanan ini sendiri. I am not that type of person or at least that was I thought my self. Selama ini travelling bagi saya adalah kegiatan fun dimana saya tidak ditakutkan dengan ‘being lost’ di tempat tersebut.  Saya ingat sekali, saat saya ke Singapura beberapa tahun silam bersama teman saya. Saya bergantung sekali dengan dia. Arah dan tujuan, naik apa. Bagaimana ngomongnya. Well, Singapura, negara tetangga terdekat, tergolong masih cing-cay lah kalau untuk solo travel. Tapi, pada saat itu, saya sempat berpikir, ini kalau gak ada teman saya, saya pasti bingung dan tersesat. Lalu, kesempatan itu datang. Kesempatan untuk mengunjungi Eropa lagi. Kali ini tanpa berpikir ‘afraid of being lost’, saya mengumpulkan lagi mimpi yang[…]

Don’t worry baby, when you’re feeling blue, I’ll tell jokes for you when you’re eyes feeling rainy, I’ll hold the umbrella for you when the road seem hard to walk through I’ll carry you on my back When the world seems want to take you down I’ll go down first and catch you His voice still echoing in my heart when I came back from school with bleeding knees He will sat me on his lap and told funny stories So I forget about my hurt Through sleepless night, I say prayer for youWishing you still watching over me from aboveWishing you will proud of meWishing me strong and always have faith Don’t worry Pak, when I’m feeling blueI’ll write[…]

Sebuah pembicaraan pendek namun menjadi sesuatu yang jadi renungan untuk saya di dalam hati. Saat saya travelling ke Paris belum lama ini, saya sempat menginap di rumah teman saya yang memang orang Perancis dan he is true Parisian (Born, raised and live in Paris).  Saya mengemukakan keterkejutan saya akan kondisi betapa masyarakat Paris sangat mix races and culture. Dan teman saya dan istrinya hanya tertawa karena statement saya. Tetapi mereka  mengatakan mereka semua orang Perancis, karena mereka sudah lahir dan besar di Perancis.  Lalu pembicaraan kami mengalir dan sampai pada topik agama. Meski suami istri, teman saya – François ini seorang atheist dan istrinya – Maylis ini beragama Kristen dan anak-anak mereka semua dibaptis. Maylis bercerita, Perancis sangat menghargai kebebasan[…]

You came like a thief at night, you’re walking into my world. You’d entered my rooms and make it yours… You’d stolen my smile… I’d just watched you You’d played this game in spite to drive me insane And yet, all I can remember is your smile.. When you teased and laugh I didn’t realised that I were free falling All you remember now is my goodbye Until I realised you’d get the air out of my lungs You claimed you don’t want to ruin me And yet, your hugs and kisses tied me deeper to you You said the universe is in our brain It’s amazing when I was in this universe with you.. Darling, I feel so much younger[…]